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Re: [IP] Humalog

On 14 Nov 97 at 10:03, email @ redacted wrote:

> Now, after waiting all day for my insulin to be delivered from the pharmacy,
> I phoned there.  They said, your prescription is ready feel free to come pick
> it up anytime.  I corrected the pharmacist and told him it was to be
> delivered today but, never came.  He apologized and said, I will leave it out
> with a big note so that the delivery person will bring it to you first thing
> in the AM.  I said, please don't leave it out any longer.  Please put it in
> the refridgerator until it is time to deliver it.  The pharmacist told me,
> well miss, insulin doesn't have to refridgerated until after it is opened.  I
> told him I did not think this was so.  I also told him that the life for
> humalog is not as good as the life for R.  I requested he please put it in
> the refridge.  He yessed me but, I think he thought I was crazy.  I don't
> really know if he did it or not.
> Anyone know, should I be worried?
> Thanks,

Humalog is actually more stable than Regular.  I leave a vial 
unrefrigerated in my pump kit in my briefcase and haven't had any 
problems with it.  In the summer time if it's going to be outside I 
throw one of those cold-gel packs in the kit to keep it cooler.  As 
long as the insulin doesn't freeze or get over 100 degrees it seems 
to be stable.  Since it's in the resevoir in the pump for up to three 
days it had better be stable or we'll be walking around with cold 
packs strapped to us too!  Why do you think that the life of Humalog 
is less than R?   Check out Lilly's web site for details, but 
according to my pharmacist, CDE and doctor lispro has some buffering 
in it that makes it more stable than the regular humalog or humalin 
insulin.   Unless you expose it to extremes like leaving it in your 
car in the summertime or wintertime, or live in the tropics you 
shouldn't have to worry about it getting too hot.

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