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[IP] Re: Pump and hospitalization

Dear Gena,

I read your message about surgery and the pump.  In the last 6 weeks I have
been hospitalized for 2 angiograms and 2 coronary angioplasties (&3 stents!)
 I had to insist to my cardiologists and nursing staff that I would test my
own BS and regulate my pump while fasting for the procedures.  The nursing
staff was reluctant but could see the results when I did this.  The only
thing that I did was run a temp basal when my bs dropped below 100 just
before a procedure.  What a difference.  The other thing is to make sure that
they are not running sugar in the 

I have been on the pump about 2 months -- I wish I did it 2 years ago when my
endo suggested it.  In previous hospitalizations my bs would be
uncontrollable --over 400!