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[IP] Humalog

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this is something that we already talked about.  I know
we did alot of discussion on Humalog vs R.  I learned alot about Humalog.
 But, I have just run across a question that I don't know the answer to nor
do I remember discussing it.  My question is, Is Humalog good until the
expiration date if never opened and unrefridgerated?  I never actually
thought about this before.  I always got my insulin from the pharmacy cold.
 I assumed that it has been refridgerated from the time it has left the
company.  I would always rush right home and put it in the refridge.  As we
learned, I used to leave the bottle in which I was using unrefridgerated and
the ones not opened yet in the refridgerator.  Now because of the poor life
it has outside the refridge, I put it back in before and after each infusion

Now, after waiting all day for my insulin to be delivered from the pharmacy,
I phoned there.  They said, your prescription is ready feel free to come pick
it up anytime.  I corrected the pharmacist and told him it was to be
delivered today but, never came.  He apologized and said, I will leave it out
with a big note so that the delivery person will bring it to you first thing
in the AM.  I said, please don't leave it out any longer.  Please put it in
the refridgerator until it is time to deliver it.  The pharmacist told me,
well miss, insulin doesn't have to refridgerated until after it is opened.  I
told him I did not think this was so.  I also told him that the life for
humalog is not as good as the life for R.  I requested he please put it in
the refridge.  He yessed me but, I think he thought I was crazy.  I don't
really know if he did it or not.

Anyone know, should I be worried?