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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears

Hi Celia.
 As far as lows are concerned, that is why I went on the pump, because I had
"hypoglycemic unawareness". The pump has surely helped that. I have a very
conservative Endo and CDE. In the beginning (been on pump only since 11/4),
they want my target to be around 100-120. I only suppliment if over 125. I
suppliment .5 u for every 25 points over 125. If it is 151, I suppliment .5
u. If 174, I still only suppliment .5 u. If 176, I suppliment 1 u. I feel
safe this way. They both know that I am afraid of lows. They were going to
raise my bolus at meals, but then decided to just let me supplement a bolus
if high. I'm on 
1 u for 15 gms. It's much easier to count when using these numbers.
I'm still on the same basal throughout the day. will watch rises and then
will add or reduce basals.

Celia, go for the pump, you'll love it, really you will.
by the way, I did not use saline, nor was I put in the hospital for the start
up. I made out just fine. I doubt if your doc will go over board on the
insulin in the beginning.......so as to be careful of lows.