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[IP] Re: Pump Fears

	Karla is right on the money. ANYBODY with type 1 diabetes needs to be on a
pump. There is nothing that complicated about learning the functions of it
and the benefits are unbelievable! You will not believe how good you feel
after getting all the NPH out of your system. Night crashes will be a thing
of the past unless you OD at supper time. I haven't yet but I guess it is
possible. Young people with diabetes especially, need to be on a pump to
protect themselves from the complications of this disease. This device is
the closest thing to normal we have at this point in time and should be our
priority to find a way that ALL type one diabetics could get on pump
therapy, insurance or not. Celia, you have to realize that it is not luck
that got you on the pump, it is money. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut
you have some good insurance and without it you would be injecting NPH
right on. How about it? 
	Just think of the tens of thousands of children and young people that are
not insured that will never get the chance to feel as good as we "the lucky
ones" feel now. Think about it. What would be your alternative if you lost
you insurance tomorrow? What we going to do about Karla when she loses her
insurance? This is not an individual problem it is one that threatens all
of us.
	Another fear, unrelated to Celia and Karla's problem that I worry about is
the depression. I have had no trouble since starting on the pump whereas
before it was a serious problem. I also had a very close friend that had
already had bypass, kidney transplant, and pancreas transplant surgery that
fought with depression until last November when he lost the battle. He was
told by doctors at a very large teaching hospital in Galveston, Texas that
he was not a candidate for a pump! He was taking prednisone daily, along
with our other daily drug requirements.  The pancreas failed the first week
after the surgery. The point I want to make is the he, like me was told at
the same institution that we were not candidates for a pump!!!! ?????? I
feel had he been put on pump therapy he would be alive today.

Buddy '-)

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> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears
> Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 1:19 PM
> Celia,
> I had overnight lows every week on NPH and Regular. That is exactly why
> Bode put me on the pump. I am serious as a heart attack, I have not had
> since going on my pump!!! That is what
> scared me. Not knowing if I could really do this. But there was a man 70
> years old in my class, so that made me feel kinda foolish to be worried
> I couldn't do it, and here he is, confident that he could.
> I never quite said this before to anyone, but going on a pump will save
> life, or at least your quality of life. I think every diabetic should be
> to be as lucky as all of us are!!!
> With love,
> Karla