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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears

In a message dated 97-11-13 02:00:39 EST, you write:

<< My fears relate more to lows
 which might occur overnight. Yes, like most of us, the tendency is to go
 in the early morning hours, yet occasionally I do have very low bg's in the
 morning. >>


I too had problems with lows overnight.  Mine got so bad that I was afraid to
go to sleep at night.  But, the pump fixed my problem.  It is very simple.
 What you will need to do is adjust your basal rate for overnight.  I have a
different basal rate for midnight to 4am (.5) then a different one from 4am
to 8am (.6) and then another one for 8am to Noon (.7), then at noon I go back
to .6 until midnight again.  This works great for me.  It took a couple of
days to get it down but, once I did, I sleep like a baby at night.

Bye for now.