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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears


I had overnight lows every week on NPH and Regular. That is exactly why Dr.
Bode put me on the pump. I am serious as a heart attack, I have not had ONE
since going on my pump!!! Just because you are taking insulin all night
doesn''t mean you will go low. If your basal rate is set right, you will not
have extra insulin in your system to cause you to go low, like when you were
on NPH. I know you can do this. Just read everything you can and watch the
video from MiniMed 100 times, like I did, and you will do fine. That is what
scared me. Not knowing if I could really do this. But there was a man 70
years old in my class, so that made me feel kinda foolish to be worried that
I couldn't do it, and here he is, confident that he could.
I never quite said this before to anyone, but going on a pump will save your
life, or at least your quality of life. I think every diabetic should be able
to be as lucky as all of us are!!!
With love,