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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears


Keep in mind that many of the lows that you experience are related to the
unpredictability of long acting insulins.  With Humalog and even with
regular, you take it, it does its job and it is gone.  It doesn't jump back
at you at unpredictable moments, such as sleeping.  If at the end of a day,
you have finished eating and bolusing for that food and you BG is in the
normal range, it should stay about the same through out the night until you
eat again in the morning.  The continuous flow of insulin is to cover your
very basic needs for insulin, irregardless of what you eat or if you eat at
all.  The boluses are for food intake.  The basal rates are affected by
exercise because you don't need as much insulin when you exercise.
 Theoretically, if we exercised continuously, we wouldn't need insulin at all
because we would be burning all carbohydrates.

Keep expressing your concerns.