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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Fears


You should like me! I've been afraid to try the pump because of my fear of
lows, but it was through reading posts from this group that caused me to
change my mind. I'm still worried about the possible lows causing me to
crash but I'm anticipating having a more flexable lifestyle, not being
restricted by what time it is according to my mealtimes and injection times.
Today I start the saline solution I don't think I will be on it very long
and I hope I get to start the insulin early next week. I'll let you know how
its going.


At 01:53 AM 11/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Wow - it seems that everybody is so happy with their pumps (I guess we should
>expect a strong bias in such a list!) but I still have my fears. During awake
>hours, I can usually catch myself before I crash to the ground - and if
not, there
>is almost always someone around to help right away. My fears relate more to
>which might occur overnight. Yes, like most of us, the tendency is to go
>in the early morning hours, yet occasionally I do have very low bg's in the
>morning. About 10 times in my less-accountable student days  I missed whole
>(waking up 8:00 p.m. or so and feeling none too fine...). I fear that with
>control and a continuous infusion of insulin I might end up with many more
>instances of overnight low bg's.
>Can anybody offer some experience/help/comments/advice in this area?
>Thanks for your help.
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted