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[IP] Re: When you have to disconnect the pump for several hours

Art Lindsay wrote:
> I do have one question.  Why not just bolus the required amount of Humalog
> from the pump, remove the pump and then inject the Regular separately.

Obviously, that would work fine.  On the other hand, there are those 
pumpers who will never take another shot if they can fine another way 
(like Lily).

Remember the comment.."I wouldn't go back to injections 
for all the tea in..............")

> Yes, this implies one more injector skin prick by not using the already
> embedded diffusion needle but it also obviates the need for the flushing
> transaction.  If anything it sounds to me as if the flushing process
> is open to miscalculation, error or some other unforeseen result.

Yep, that's a problem.
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