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Re: [IP] Re: Insurance benefits

On 12 Nov 97 at 7:15, buddybarber wrote:

> Karla and everybody else,
> 	Karla has brought up a point that has bothered me for a long time. These
> insurance companies and who they will and will not insure. Also the
> government agencies. As of this time Medicaid or Medicare will not pay for
> a pump yet they spend millions of dollars on amputations and other
> complications that possibly could have been avoided benefiting both the
> patient and the government's pocket book.
> 	What can we as individuals or a group do to start the changes that need to
> be taken to get this legislation going in the right direction? 
> 	I have another friend in Moundsville that was on the pump for 6 years
> until she had to quit her teaching job and lost her insurance which led to
> her having to give up her pump! This is not the way the system is supposed
> to work. There could many lives and limbs saved every year by getting
> better coverage of this nation's diabetics. They had a report just this
> week about how many diabetics there are in this country now and it is
> certainly up from past years and it seems to me now would be a fine time to
> get together and try to make some changes ????? Any political activist out
> there?
> Buddy '-) feeling GREAT! Thank you MiniMed

Get organized, push your local, state and federal representatives 
unmercifully.  Call them at all hours every time you hear of one of 
these tragedies involving the medical care of Diabetics.  Get loud, 
vocal and aggressive.  Just look at the AIDS activists - there are a 
whole lot fewer AIDS cases than there are diabetics, yet they have 
been able to get the insurance industry, government and other 
agencies to get things set up to try to ensure decent treatment.  
We have to  follow their example and keep trumpeting the issue until 
we get a reasonable solution.  I spent about an hour on the phone 
with my state representative a while back when Kentucky was 
considering some large scale sucking up to the insurance companies to 
guarantee them a profit while allowing them to only insure healthy 
people.  Make sure that you, your family and your friends all contact 
your legislators - make it a priority to inform them of the issues 
and possible solutions.  

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