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Re: [IP] Stress Help

On 11 Nov 97 at 19:49, Lynn Mohlenhoff wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Just one of the lurkers who needs a little extra help.  Any suggestions
> on excessivly high stress situations??  My normal life is high stress to
> begin with, fairly newly wed, instant mother of teen and preteen boys,
> bank management postition, new this old house,  you know the normal make
> you crazy stuff.  Have been on the pump for a month and am trying to get
> the BG's into range, some days ok, some days not.  However this weekend
> I had to put my father, two states away in the hopsital for a stroke.  I
> seem to be bouncing numbers all across the board.  Any suggestions short
> of a shot gun... that is a joke! Not a good one I'll grant you but the
> best I'm doing right now.
> thanks
> Lynn

I hope  things settle down soon for you!  Does stress make your bg go 
up or down?  If it makes it go up then you might want to consider 
using a slightly higher temporary basal rate, if it goes down then 
you might want to try a slightly lower rate.  If you are using a 
MiniMed 507 this is easy - I've used this technique and it has 
helped.  You just have to be cautious so you don't over or under 
shoot.  I have found that the temporary basal rate helps in all 
kinds of situations, from exercise to eating out.  Be sure to discuss 
this with your doctor or CDE to see if they have any suggestions 
other than "deal with it."  

Hang in there - I'll remember you in my prayers today.

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