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[IP] Re: Insurance benefits

Karla and everybody else,
	Karla has brought up a point that has bothered me for a long time. These
insurance companies and who they will and will not insure. Also the
government agencies. As of this time Medicaid or Medicare will not pay for
a pump yet they spend millions of dollars on amputations and other
complications that possibly could have been avoided benefiting both the
patient and the government's pocket book.
	What can we as individuals or a group do to start the changes that need to
be taken to get this legislation going in the right direction? 
	I have another friend in Moundsville that was on the pump for 6 years
until she had to quit her teaching job and lost her insurance which led to
her having to give up her pump! This is not the way the system is supposed
to work. There could many lives and limbs saved every year by getting
better coverage of this nation's diabetics. They had a report just this
week about how many diabetics there are in this country now and it is
certainly up from past years and it seems to me now would be a fine time to
get together and try to make some changes ????? Any political activist out

Buddy '-) feeling GREAT! Thank you MiniMed