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Re: [IP] Pumping Saline

Well, I guess I will throw in my opinion as well. I don't think that using
saline is doing any harm but why? I agree with Buddy in his reasoning.
I will have to say though, I WAS put in the hospital to go on my pump. I went
in Friday morning and came home Sunday afternoon. I think Dr. Bode puts more
people on pumps than most Dr's around the country. It was not time wasted
though. They had classes to attend all weekend on the floor. They devote one
whole floor at West Paces Med. center to diabetics. I learned alot in those
three days. But I had a big problem on Saturday and they had to push D 50 in
an IV really fast cause I was leaving this world! I was not as scared either
cause I knew that help was just down the hall, if I would need it. For me
anyway, I would have been scared to just meet someone, get hooked up, and go
home. No, I would have been terrified.
Things are going really good with me. We filed for divorce yesterday. I feel
like a part of me died even though I know it is for the best. One thing I am
VERY concerned about is health insurance. Does anyone know what I can do to
get some kind of health benefits now, even if it is state benefits? I don't
even know if they pay for pumps. I have a month till Larry will drop me from
his insurance. I don't know what I'm gonna do! I'm really worried. I
definately can't afford to be on a pump and go to the Dr., without them. Any