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Re: [IP] Re: Celia


I was using Glucagon so much I had a script written with revolving refills! I
was going low and high all the time before going on my pump. Believe me, you
should not have any problems with severe lows if you know what your doing. It
does take more discipline to be on a pump, but the rewards are so great, I
can't imagine anyone not WANTING to pump!!! I have finally gotten my
awareness back somewhat. I used to be at 28 and still be walking and talking,
then bam! I was passed out. Now I do feel it at about 50 which is a miracle
for me. But those reactions are my fault, not the pumps. I either didn't
calculate right, or didn't eat enough. But I can't believe the difference it
has made in my life. Just click some buttons, and eat! I don't have to go
into those cramped little toilets when I'm out eating, to give my insulin.
Sometimes people think I'm playing with my breasts though! I put it in my bra
alot and have to find the right buttons!