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Re: [IP] afternoon site changes

  Randall ,  I also do most of my site changes in the afternoon.  I find I am
more relaxed & less hurried at that time.... I've never done mornings well!
LOL  However I find that when I do a site change & test 1 1/2 - 2 hours later
I find that I am more sensitive & my sugars are usually better (lower) than
expected.   I don't often do a meal & bolus when I change the set & have been
known to forget even to do the .5 to fill the site cannula & still I have
good sugars in the time after site changes.  Could the tissue not being
saturated with insulin be a factor?  Where it is more responsive on me & less
on you - maybe the makeup of muscle/fat would make a difference in
responsiveness between 2 people.  I have only used the Comfort sets but I do
try to change as far almost as possible from where the last site or 2 was and
still stay in the stomach. 
          I really like to do the site changes later in the day when I'm more
relaxed.  I think mornings are the worst time of all for me.  But as with
almost anything else relating to diabetes I'm not necc. the norm.  & each
person needs to find the way that it works best for them.  However, I'm glad
to hear that I'm not the only one that "Doesn't Do Mornings".!!!      Take
care & hope those bgs start to come down after site changes.         Kathi