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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

> My wife is having a very hard time seeing me with a pump connected to me.

I got my pump when I was in college and dating my husband.  I had more of a
problem with being attached to this thing 24 hours/day. The pump always
seemed to be in the way, to me.  That was also in the days before quick
release, which made a difference.  It got easier with time.

Now I think my husband is more alerted to my diabetes when I test my BG
because the pump is always there, and I don't test every waking moment of
the day.

I think she will get used to it over time, just as you will learn how to
manage your BG with this device.  Don't take her apprehension personally- I
think it is great that she is involved enough to feel comfortable to