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Re: [IP] Stress Help

First off Lynn... hang in there!  Life's throwing you a few curves right now
and I'm sure it's hard enough to deal with without having to worry about
your BG's as well.  My theory is to take one thing at a time and most
importantly, don't forget to eat right.  My husband has a tendency to
splurge with his food when he's stressed and that makes his levels
skyrocket!  Step back, take a look at your BG's and see if there's a
pattern, such as morning higher, etc.  If you notice a pattern, then change
your Basel (sp?) rate to compensate.  One thing that's helped David (my
husband) is to change his diet to less weighty foods, like pasta to lighter,
like Salad or grilled chicken.  Another thing that really helps David a lot
is doing something that uses energy, like mowing the lawn or working on the
car.  It seems that when he's using his energy in an exercise type way, he's
less focused on his sugar level and they tend to decrease.  It may just be a
mind over matter thing, but heck it works for him and he was skyrocketing
for a while there.  Try it out.  David has mentioned that when his levels
are high, he has a tendency to feel more paranoid and confused.  It's
difficult to deal with others when you're not sure about yourself. Most
importantly, take time for you and RELAX.

I can totally relate to the newly wed, instant mother thing (2 pre-teen
girls!)... if you want to talk, not posted, write me at email @ redacted
I'd be happy to listen.  A shot gun is not the answer...

(with help from David)

Lynn Mohlenhoff wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Just one of the lurkers who needs a little extra help.  Any suggestions
> on excessivly high stress situations??  My normal life is high stress to
> begin with, fairly newly wed, instant mother of teen and preteen boys,
> bank management postition, new this old house,  you know the normal make
> you crazy stuff.  Have been on the pump for a month and am trying to get
> the BG's into range, some days ok, some days not.  However this weekend
> I had to put my father, two states away in the hopsital for a stroke.  I
> seem to be bouncing numbers all across the board.  Any suggestions short
> of a shot gun... that is a joke! Not a good one I'll grant you but the
> best I'm doing right now.
> thanks
> Lynn

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R. David Green
Anikka L. Green