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[IP] RE: Frozen shoulder

Buddy wrote:
> Did you or do you experience any pain with this? I'm no crybaby but
> on a scale from one to ten I'm talking a good 8!

Yes some pain, but not as bad as you describe except when being 
manipulated by the therapist.

> rust. or something.
Actually it is an adhesion to the surface of the liner of the joint. 
The adhesions get in the way of each other.  The purpose of the 
thearpy is to remove or wear down the adhesions.  They actually have 
a procedure where they knock you out and then simply manipulate the 
H--l out of the joint to break the adhesions free.

Anti-inflamatories such as Naprosin taken regularly during the 
recovery period help immensly to reduce inflamation and pain.  The 
exercise need to be done regularly but not so often as to aggravate 
the inflamation.  i.e. every 2 to 3 days.
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