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[IP] Re: Don't spark your Pump-Leaving Old Set IN after change

	The tip about leaving the old set in for a few hours after a change hit me
like a ton of bricks. I have experienced this almost from day 1 and when
you wrote this a big light bulb flashed on and was as clear as a bell. I
thought "Why haven't I thought of that?" but as you probably know the loss
of braincells when your BG crashes takes it's toll over the years.
	Something else I would like to ask is has anybody had any problems with
their pump software crashing after a battery change? The last time I had to
change batteries the screen went blank the only thing on it was VER 40 C,
or something similar to that. I called the 800 Hotline and when the young
lady called me back she explained that SOMETIMES when conditions are right
you can spark your pump with static electricity and knock it out for a
while. She told me to remove the new batteries from the pump for at least 4
hours and 8 would be better. She told me from now on to "wash my hands
before changing the batteries" to discharge the static. I suppose the
contact with the cold water pipe (grounded in all homes) is what discharges
the static.
	I left the batteries out for four hours then reinstalled them and it went
right on to work. The message VER 40C she said was the version of software
that was installed on the pump.

Buddy '-)