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[IP] Re: Leaving Old Set IN after change

Marti wrote:
> I had the same experience with my BG going up during changing.  I never
> thought of Michaels suggestion, but I always bolus an extra half unit
> whenever I have been disconnected.  When I change my sight, I bolus the half
> unit required, but I also time it just before a meal.  That way, between the
> 1/2 unit and the meal bolus, I get all the air out of the lines.  It works
> well for me.
Be Warned!!  If you have recently done a large bolus, the amount of 
insulin lost when the set is removed can be several units.  I have 
actually seen a droplet of insulin form on Lily's skin when she 
removed a set before we discovered this technique.  As you all know 
from priming your pumps, a droplet of insulin is A LOT, at least 
several units.
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