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Re: [IP] Cannula Crimping

At 10:25 AM 11/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>From experience, I have used a soft set and watched my sugars go really
>high.  No alarm was going off and when I pulled out the soft set, it was
>all squished together, crimped in other words.  So it can happen.  You
>won't hear an alarm, but high sugars is its own alarm.
>- Jodi

I have also had this happen. This can be compared to a soda straw that gets
all "squished" together (remember this from when you were a kid?). Even
though the straw is crimped, some stuff gets through. It is not totally
occluded, just crimped.

The physics are different with the infusion set, since the pump is
"pushing" not "sucking", but if it is able to pump without reaching the
threshold level for alarming, it thinks it succeeded. The true measure is
the level of your BG, which is why testing is so important for me.

Bob Burnett

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