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Re: [IP] Pumping Saline

At 07:15 AM 11/11/97 -0600, Buddy continued the thread on using saline for
pump initiation:
>> Is it really necessary? My Doctor feels it is an unnecessary step. I tend
>> back him up. Waiting for pump delivery. So here we go.
>	I tend to agree with you but there are people here that think differently.
>Personally, I had no problems starting directly on insulin and felt the
>improved from the second day. If I had it to do all over. . . . . . I would
>changed but one thing. The date I started. I would have started years
>sooner! The pump is the only way to go.
>Buddy '-)
>	In my opinion only "perfect practice" makes perfect.

I tend to agree with the "perfect practice makes perfect" line of
reasoning, and yes, I am one of those who did use saline). And that is how
we found another use for the remainder of the bottle of saline which I had
been given in preparation for my pump start.

At my wife's suggestion, we used the extra saline solution to do "practice"
drills for Glucagon administration. It was an excellent idea. There have
been several times in our life together when my wife had to call emergency
workers to revive me. Having Glucagon in the house is great, but as she
suggested, if you cannot fill the syringe and administer it when the chips
are down, what good is it?

So, we decided to hold "Glucagon practice". O.K. "pretend" that I am out
cold, now fill the syringe (remember you're under pressure), pick a spot
and fire away. I know that my wife feels much more comfortable with the
mechanics, I am more comfortable knowing she is more comfortable, etc..

Another thought: All the pumping literature I have read *suggests* strongly
that your spouse or significant other know how to work all the pump
details, in case you are unable or incapacitated in some way. I have always
assumed this to include the changing of infusion sets. It was always my
intent to have my wife learn how to do this. I am still young (fairly),
agile (also fairly), and capable (that's debatable). But I never know when
all that might change, possibly suddenly. I really want my wife to
experience changing the infusion set, setting the pump, etc., but would
feel much better if we were not using "live ammo" for this drill ;-) 

I wonder how many of us out there / here have gone through this important
detail. I'll admit that I have not, even though my wife was with me during
my pump start. That was 18 months ago, different pump, etc. Sounds like I
need to take care of this ..

Bob Burnett

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