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RE: [IP] Re: Bent Needle vs. Soft-Set or Serter

Linda, you are not the only one to prefer the bent needle.  I use the
bent needle with the quick release and much prefer it to the Sof Set.  I
tried the Sof Sets 5 years ago and had problems getting it in.  I am the
type that puts the needle in really slowly and you have to be quick and
fierce to get the Sof Set in without crimping.  Then about 3 years ago,
Minimed said they had improved the Sof Set, so I tried again.  Still had
problems with it.  Then when the SofSerter came out I tried again.  I
really like the idea not having a metal needle in all the time, but
everytime I try it, I end up with high sugars.  So I continue with the
bent needle.  It doesn't hurt while it is in and if it does hit a nerve,
I can take it out and move it somewhere else.  This has only happened a
couple of times in over 5 years.

- - Jodi