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Re: Re: [IP] Turning Off Alarms

On 11 Nov 97 at 10:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> I had the same experience with my BG going up during changing.  I never
> thought of Michaels suggestion, but I always bolus an extra half unit
> whenever I have been disconnected.  When I change my sight, I bolus the half
> unit required, but I also time it just before a meal.  That way, between the
> 1/2 unit and the meal bolus, I get all the air out of the lines.  It works
> well for me.
> Marti

I had the same problem - even with large bolus after a morning change 
of the infusion set.  I started changing the set in mid-afternoon 
when my insulin sensitivity is higer and it's working much better.  I 
have only had a very slight rise in BG and I bet if I leave the old 
set in for an hour or two after changing to the new one that will 
settle down too.  Does anyone else do an afternoon set change?

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