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Re: Re: [IP] Pumping Saline

On 11 Nov 97 at 8:57, email @ redacted wrote:

> there are many reasons a pump team may have you initiate using saline.  one
> allowing you the chance to practice inserting the infusion set without
> worrying if you're getting insulin or not.  i have seen many new starts be
> frustrated with the first set change.
> carolyn

One of my concerns before starting the pump was the infusion set.  My 
pump consultant met me at my doctor's office and I went through 
inserting a set with her there to watch.   I didn't hook up to the 
pump- we just disconnected at the quick disconnect and I wore the set 
for three days to see if it would be ok.  About three weeks later I 
went "live" on the pump - straight onto Humalog after about an hour 
working with her to review the pump operations and precautions.  I 
was a little concerned the first couple of times I changed the set on 
my own, but didn't have any problems.  

I think that with the proper preparation you can go straight onto 
insulin.  I carried my pump around for four days getting used to the 
menus and commands before we hooked me up - and I thought that four 
days was too long.  If my consultant hadn't caught the flu I would 
have been started three days earlier.  

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