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Re: [IP] Pumping Saline

> there are many reasons a pump team may have you initiate using saline. 
> allowing you the chance to practice inserting the infusion set without
> worrying if you're getting insulin or not.  i have seen many new starts
> frustrated with the first set change.
> carolyn
	I understand frustration "prevent from succeeding". Maybe with a real
young patient and even then most youngsters take to something this
demanding really well. This reason for pumping saline is like saying that
we should practice "injecting" saline until we get proficient at sticking
ourselves with the needles. As you can see I am just a little hard headed
and think this saline use is a waste of time. I don't mean to sound rude
but if you crimp the cannula using saline how are you to know if your BG's
don't rise? 
	Michael said you use paper targets to practice marksmanship but you don't
use BLANKS ???? That is how I see the saline. How do you know if you are
hitting the target if your shooting blanks? Are we just teaching them how
to carry the pump and push the buttons? 
	I found soon after getting on my 507 that if your BG's go up add more
insulin where needed. Adjust basals where needed and calculate carbs. I
even skipped a few meals to see if my basals were doing what they were
supposed to. I'll bet that if I had pumped saline I would have just
deferred the learning process another week.

Buddy '-)