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[IP] Insulin Mixtures


Please excuse me for being ignorant?  Having my husband on the pump for
only 10 days, I still have an awful lot to learn, and especially  there
being know real help or support here in New Zealand I am relying soley
on the net.  I was only enquiring if it was at all possible to mix two
insulins, L and R because of my husbands condition with the Hepatitis,
as prior to the pump with 4 injections a day he was having better
control in the mornings using a long acting and short acting insulin 
then what he is now.  Our specialist is concerned about this, and he is
not sure,  what can be done.  We were hoping to get better results with
a pump, but at the moment is doesn't look like that may be possibe,
because of this Prednisone.  Being IDD for almost twenty years, my
husband has set this pump up at home with the video and me.  Discussed
with the nurse were some very rough basal and bolus ratios, which have
been adjusted accordingly.  I think we are doing ok, but I like to ask
for advice from people who have been pump users and who are able to pass
on vital information that would make the adjustment from injections to a
pumpe easier.  Here in NZ we don't have any 0800 numbers.