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[IP] Why I Pump

I have had insulin dependent diabetes for half my life, 12 years.  I was
diagnosed at the age of 11 with no history of it in my family.  Before I was
diagnosed I would get sick, get better, and then get sick again.  All of that
wore my body out and it got confused and attacked my pancreas.

I spent 5 days in the hospital as my bloodsugar was lowered and I got used to
insulin and testing.  My parents and I had a lot to learn.  That summer I
attended Camp Midicha, a diabetes camp, in Michigan.  It was so great to be
around so many others with diabetes, they knew what it was like and what I
was going through.  What a positive experience that was those two summers.  I
then went on to be a counselor at diabetes camps in New Mexico and Oregon.
 That was fun too.

I decided after a lot of research that the pump would be the best option for
me in regards to managing my diabetes.  What helped the most was talking to
people who already used insulin pumps.  I could ask them questions and get
their feedback based on their experiences.  My doctor supported my decision
to get a pump.  I also read Pumping Insulin and the MiniMed pump book and
found both to be helpful.  

I have now been on the MiniMed 507 insulin pump for just over a month.  I
pump humalog and use the sof-set and sof-serter.  I am so glad that I made
this decision.  It is so great to not have to take shots anymore.  I am also
enjoying the increased flexibility that I now have.  I can't wait to get the
results of my next A1c as I know it will be good.  Eventually I will even
have a normal one.  All of this because of the pump.