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Hi all,

I am forwarding this news report to all of you.  I never heard of this
before.  Does anyone know, is this new this year?  Does anyone know are the
pump companies doing anything to honor the day?  



Subj:	Eli Lilly and Company Supports World Diabetes Day  November 14, 1997
Date:	97-11-10 17:38:27 EST
From:	AOL News
BCC:	Bmr211

    LONDON, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday November 14, thousands of
worldwide will come together to celebrate World Diabetes Day, the
International Diabetes Federation (IDF) initiative which aims to raise
awareness and understanding of diabetes.
          Currently, 135 million people live with diabetes worldwide which
has more
than tripled since 1985. The rate is predicted to rise to almost 300 million
by the year 2025.  Eli Lilly and Company, an innovative force in diabetes
for more than 75 years, is among the companies helping to raise awareness of
the disease and World Wide Diabetes Day.
          Diabetes is the fourth main cause of death in many countries.  To
challenge this statistic, it is hoped that this year's theme "Global
- -- Our Key To A Better Life" will motivate people to talk to their doctors
about the best possible treatments for the disease which can help to reduce
complications such as blindness and kidney disease.
          Dr. John Holcombe, senior clinical research physician with Eli
Lilly and
Company, said:  "As the medical community increases its understanding of the
best, most cost-effective ways to prevent diabetes complications, the same
knowledge must be transferred to patients.  We hope that through educational
initiatives such as World Diabetes Day patients with diabetes will continue
improve their condition through better control of their blood sugar.  In
so, patients will lower their risk for long term complictions from this
serious disease."
          Eli Lilly and Company is a global research-based pharmaceutical
corporation headquarterd in Indianapolis, Ind. that is dedicated to creating
and delivering innovative pharmaceutical based health care solutions that
enable people to live longer, healthier and more active lives.
      CO:  Eli Lilly and Company
      IN:  MTC

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