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Re: [IP] Glucophage

>        Subject:
>        Glucophage
>        ---------------------------------
>        I would like to know if any IDDM's have been given Glucophage
>        to help with control.  My Dr. prescribed it especially for my
>        night highs.  From what I understand it will reduce the glucose
>        produced by the liver and reduce intestinal glucose absorption.
>        I haven't started it yet because I wanted to learn a little
>        more about the possible side effects, especially lactic
>        acidosis.  I now pump 2.5/hr. from 11pm - 5am and still have a
>        high morning reading sometimes.
>        Any information would be appriciated.

Dumb question,

Why would you not adjust your night time basal rate to reduce the 

Have you profiled your basal requirements (see Pumping Insulin).
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