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[IP] Welcome to new members

It's Monday morning and I have just added 8 new members to the list.
It was a busy weekend and membership now is over 100

I don't know if we have a run-away train here or not!! heh... heh...

One of our members, Rick Mendosa, writes for the ADA Diabetes Forcast 
Magazine.  He is putting a blurb in about the website and the mailing 
list so we'll probably have a few more members in a month or so.

Speaking of the Web Site, I know you are all busy but I still need 
volunteers to produce the articles and FAQS that make the web site 
and this mail list what it is!!!

Seeking contributors for

Humalog in Pumps
Why we Pump
New Pumper Questions and Answers
What Kind of Tape to Use -- Tape Problems

and so on.....   COME ON and help out, this is a volunteer thing!!

Mom's and Dad's with diabetic kids.  Please contribute the story of 
you and your child's experience going on the pump.  A picture too.

I get calls and e-mail all the time from concerned parents wanting 
pump info who have read Lily's story.  You would be supprised how 
many people WANT to know but are afraid to ask.  Your story may push 
them over the edge and create another HAPPY PUMPER.

Please Please Please!!!  Won't some of you help out.


Michael <email @ redacted>