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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Bent Needle vs. Soft-Set or Serter

Dear Marti,

The bent needle works much like the syringe - you just push it in at an
angle.  It's a bit thicker than the old syringes we used for our multiple
injections so not as easy to insert.  The only time I get pain is if I've hit
a "nervy" spot which is one of the reasons I like having complete control of
insertion - I can test the tummy area before going all the way.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments about this topic.  I will
look into other alternatives - just to see what's available and if it will
work better for me.  Many years ago my N.P. told me that the majority of
slender pumpers prefer the bent needle, but that was before all these new
devices came out.  I now need to check on some of the alternatives that were
mentioned to see if they are available for the MiniMed.

Regarding exercise/sports and the pump.  I always leave my pump on during
exercise (I use the nordic track so it doesn't shake the pump around).  I'm
not into contact sports, just golf and cross-country skiing.  Must watch
blood sugars carefully during both - golf because it's 4-5 hours of walking
and skiing because it can be intense.  I usually clip the pump to my bra
(material between cups) and always tuck in a shirt when skiing because I've
had some nasty tumbles and the pump has come off its clip, but is contained
in the shirt.  I'm hoping not to fall as much this year - practice makes
perfect, right?

Also regarding mosquito bites - I swell big time, before getting diabetes and
afterwards - no change there.  And regarding Birthdays - I was given the
diagnose on my Mom's birthday.