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Re: [IP] New Insertion Set


At 02:05 AM 11/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone has heard about the new insertion set called the
>silhouette?  I talked to someone tonight who has used it.  He likes it.  The
>set has a cannula and is flush with the skin unlike the sof-set.  The cannula
>goes in at an angle so the sof-serter can not be used with it.  I think I
>will try to get some from my rep to see if I like them.

The silhouette is MM's version of the Chronimed Comfort or the Disetronic
Tender.   From what I understand they are all made by the same company and
"privately labeled" for the specific company.

Unless MM had the company remove the "wings" from the luer loc all 3 are
the same set and will work on both pumps.


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