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Re: [IP] Infusion set discomfort

Mary Jean,

I had Minimed send me some Comforts and when I experienced the discomfort
with the soft set I tried one of the Comforts. I am on day two and it is
very comfortable. The needle is just for insertion. In my opinion the
Comfort is very well designed and comfortable.

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Date: Sunday, November 09, 1997 10:46 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Infusion set discomfort

>Hi everyone,
>I am glad to hear that I'm not the only "lean" person having some trouble
>with the soft-sets.  I have been using the soft-serter and that has helped
>some, at least now I don't break out in a total body sweat trying to insert
>the thing.  Sometimes it feels like it's poking some vital organ inside. (I
>guess it wouldn't matter if it were my pancreas since it is virtually
>anyway.)  I find that I'm beginning to be jealous of people with a bit of a
>"spare tire" and thinking what great sites they must have for infusion
> I've been on the pump for almost a year and haven't gained any new flab,
>I guess I should start investigating some of the other infusion sets.  I've
>only used the soft-sets and am not very familiar with the others.  I know
>what the bent-needles are but am concerned that the metal would irritate my
>skin.  For instance, I can only wear sterling silver earrings because the
>nickel in the stainless steel makes my earlobes red and itchy.  Do the
>comfort / tenders / silhouettes have a needle that stays in or only for
>insertion?  I think I'll try to get my MiniMed rep to send me some samples.
>Thanks for making me feel welcome as I'm new to this list.  Sounds like you
>all have a wealth of knowlege.
>Mary Jean