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[IP] Mixing of Insulins

Hello everyone, thanks to Bob and Rose for your comments

Bob we tried to get that converter out, using the tool that was
provided, but after about 15 minutes I said to my husband, I think we
should just leave it for now, otherwise knowing our luck it may break.

Are most people using Humalog insulin for their pumps?  My husband who
is new to the pump is using Actrapid (Regular), but is still
experiencing some teething problems, which I think he will have to go
and see his diabetic specialist about this week.  He phones in everyday
to his nurse, explaining to her, his results, which are still very much
up and down.  She still thinks Prednisone is causing this problem.  We
are both hoping by being on the pump, it will smooth everything out, so
hopefully if we see the specialist in the next few days, he may have
some suggestions.  Does anybody have any?  Maybe Humalog would be
better, I am not sure whether this will do the trick, but can these
pumps take mixtures like Long-acting and fasting acting insulin
together?   We are still very impressed by what this pump is capable of
doing, and with a bit more time, and experience it will I'm sure make
the managing of diabetes easier to do and live with.  Why is it here in
New Zealand, we don't hear about these marvellous medical
inventions,until years later, after the rest of the world has been using
them.  This really beats me.

Interested to know if there are any Kiwis or Wallabies online, using