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[IP] Excercise and the Pump

> Hi, I have a few questions concerning exercising with the pump.  First, I
>curious as to how people wear their pump when exercising.  Today I played
>raquetball and biked.  I had my pump in the case and the clip on and just
>clipped it to my pocket.  This seemed to work fine.  Does anyone use the
>sport guard?  Wondering if I should invest in one.  It seems a little big

I have not yet started on the pump, but have started the "paperwork
process".  One of my biggest concerns was for exercise.  I play basketball
2-4 times per week.  When I play ball, things get rough.  I was very
concerned about wearing the pump while exercising.

I looked at the Minimed sport guard, and it was not going to work.  It
seemed very unrealistic to wear some big bulky plastic box while playing
ball.  An option that the Disetronics rep talked about was wearing spandex
shorts under my regular shorts.  In these spandex shorts I could sew a "pump
pocket" in where I felt most comfortable with it.  This seemed like a very
feasible idea!  Granted, I haven't tried it yet...

This is just one type of idea for options that are available.  From what
I've read, people get incredibly creative with ways to wear the pump.  I
think that is GREAT!!!!

Just my 2 cents worth...

Scott K. Johnson
email @ redacted