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Re: [IP] Infusion set discomfort

Hi everyone,

I am glad to hear that I'm not the only "lean" person having some trouble
with the soft-sets.  I have been using the soft-serter and that has helped
some, at least now I don't break out in a total body sweat trying to insert
the thing.  Sometimes it feels like it's poking some vital organ inside. (I
guess it wouldn't matter if it were my pancreas since it is virtually useless
anyway.)  I find that I'm beginning to be jealous of people with a bit of a
"spare tire" and thinking what great sites they must have for infusion sets.
 I've been on the pump for almost a year and haven't gained any new flab, so
I guess I should start investigating some of the other infusion sets.  I've
only used the soft-sets and am not very familiar with the others.  I know
what the bent-needles are but am concerned that the metal would irritate my
skin.  For instance, I can only wear sterling silver earrings because the
nickel in the stainless steel makes my earlobes red and itchy.  Do the
comfort / tenders / silhouettes have a needle that stays in or only for
insertion?  I think I'll try to get my MiniMed rep to send me some samples.

Thanks for making me feel welcome as I'm new to this list.  Sounds like you
all have a wealth of knowlege.

Mary Jean