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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

On  8 Nov 97 at 21:55, David Matthews wrote:

> To all,
> My wife is having a very hard time seeing me with a pump connected to me.
> She is a nurse and understands how it is going to bennefit me, but still
> sees it as a constant reminder of my diabetes. Are these feelings common? Do
> they get better?
> David

My wife is an RN and the pump hasn't bothered her - in fact she's 
been very supportive and encouraging.  As far as a constant reminder 
she has said that she's less fearful of me having a low blood sugar 
while driving or out with the kids than she was on my 5 shot a day 
regime.  Was my experience uncommon or normal?

I've just been on the pump about five weeks and we're still getting 
things stabilized, so she's having to put up with some disruptions as 
we work on fine tuning.  

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