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Re: [IP] Exercise and the pump

> Hi, I have a few questions concerning exercising with the pump.  First, I am
> curious as to how people wear their pump when exercising.  Today I played
> raquetball and biked.  I had my pump in the case and the clip on and just
> clipped it to my pocket.  This seemed to work fine.  Does anyone use the
> sport guard?  Wondering if I should invest in one.  It seems a little big
> though.
Lily tried to use it for a year on and off, then gave up.  Before the 
advent of the quick release, it was the only choice.  Now it is much 
easier to just disconnect.  For periods of up to 1-2 hours, just bolus the 
insulin you would miss (Humalog) or 1-4 hours (Regular). For any kind of 
potentially rough sport where you can take a spill or get hit, take it 
off. You probably will do more damage to the other guy.

For extended periods without the pump (up to 5 hours) I have developed a 
bolus technique that allows you to shoot regular into the QR and 
compensate for the 2.5 units in the short piece that remains attached. 
This must be done at meal time when a large bolus is available to flush 
the line.  If anyone is interested, ask and I will explain.


> Also what do you do about your basal rate?   Do you use the temporary basal
> rate?  I used the temporary basal rate while exercising and decreased my
> basal rate by .2 units.  This seemed to work well as after I was done working
Good!  this works for all activities.  The amount to reduce changes with 
the activity.  Very hard physical exercise for extended periods (like a 
workout) or extended swimming may actually require no insulin + some 
carbo intake.  Crackers work well.

For example.  On swim team work out (runs about an hour) Lily removes her 
pump and must injest 10grams of carbo an hour to support non-stop 
swimming in 82 degree water.  Colder water raises the carb requirement.
Skin diving increases the carbo burn rate even more.  All of these can be 
measured fairly accurately by observing the bg drop in a 30 minute interval.


> out my bloodsugar was 91.  Isn't the pump great.
> Thanks in advance for your replies.
> Denise