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Re: Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

> Along with Karla, I too, am wondering as to why one is put on saline first.
> If it is to get used to the pump, why can't you just wear it, and pretend you
> are bolusing. Why does saline have to be bolused. 
> Is this happening so as to get practice inserting the sets? I see no reason
> for this either.. There is no way, by using saline, that you will know
> whether you have done it right anyway. (Like BG's going up, because you are
> not being delivered  the correct amount of insulin.) This just seems to be a
> waste of sets.
> Please explain.
It is like anything else you want to be good at.
To drive, you first learn by practicing
To play baseball, you practice constantly
To learn to be a soldier, you practice shooting, etc...
To learn to pump, you practice pumping.

All of these practices are done in the most benign of possible ways
Drive with an instructor with an extra set of brake pedals
Bat against the practice machine or the 'blue' team
Shoot on the range with dummy targets that don't shoot back
Pump with saline, so when you screw up you don't get high or low.

These baby steps are an essential part of human learning.  Don't expect 
to become an expert overnight or by reading a book. Practice makes perfect.