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Re: [IP] Exercise and the pump

I have a sports guard and haven't used it at all.  I don't think it is
important unless you are doing water sports.  Just adds extra weight and

If I'm exercising vigorously, 70-80% mhr, more than 45 minutes I have to
reduce my basals with the temp basal feature.  I also have to watch my bolus
as well.  It isn't so much how much I bolus but when.  Exercise increases my
absorbtion rate so much that I can really have problems.  I tend to decrease
my bolus by about 20% and make sure that I don't exercise within two hours of

I play tennis and am training for my first marathon in January.  Just ran 20
miles the other day. Any diabetic marathoners out there using the pump?  Love
to talk with you.