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Re: Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

At 07:30 PM 11/9/97 -0600, Buddy wrote in reply to Sissy:

Sissy wrote:
>> Along with Karla, I too, am wondering as to why one is put on saline
Buddy replied:
>	In my opinion, and I have a right to it, there is no good reason for this
>period of using saline in the pump except to generate this week of extra
>money flow.

I worked with saline for about one week before I started pumping insulin 18
months ago. There was no "week of extra money flow" for me, since I did my
pump start on an outpatient basis. I spent a total of five hours at the
diabetic clinic which guided me, and consulted with them by phone
afterwards. I scheduled my pump start when I was ready, not when the team
had a predetermined time slot for me. I was very much in control of my pump

The only extra "cost" for me using the saline initiation procedure was the
two reservoirs I used, and the couple infusion sets. I am certain I would
have wasted a couple complete sets even if I was using insulin trying to
get things right.

As it turned out, I bumbled a bit with these first couple changes (as many
of us do). I felt much more comfortable knowing that if worse came to worse
I could opt not to insert the set, leave the pump on the dresser, and
figure the whole thing out when I felt good and ready.

I felt much less pressure when I actually started pumping insulin, since I
had already been through the mechanics of filling the reservoir, changing
the sets, setting "real" boluses and basal rates, etc. I think it made a
difference for me in peace of mind. It's difficult for me to put a price
tag on peace of mind.

I also believe in options, and think that the starting with saline
procedure is just that - an option. I believe it is a detail which should
be worked out between the individual and their health care team.

Just my .02

Bob Burnett

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