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Re: Re: Re: [IP] Turning Off Alarms

> I just got to thinking about your saying to leave the old set on awhile after
> inserting the new set, so the insulin under the skin can bee absorbed. Won't
> you be getting too much insulin then? After all, the new set is delivering
> insulin the same time you are absorbing insulin from the old set. Does this
> make sense or not? 

No, the insulin that needs to be absorbed is that which has been put in 
with the previous absorption time for that particular insulin.

Remember the unused insulin rule!!

For instance.  If you use regular, and inject, it takes 4 - 5 hours for 
the insulin to get used up.  It works the same way for pump insulin.  
When you stop using a site, there is insulin in there which was put in up 
until a few minutes ago.  It must be absorbed.  Including the insulin 
that went in 1 hour ago, 2 hours ago, etc...