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Re: Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

Sissy wrote:
> Along with Karla, I too, am wondering as to why one is put on saline

	You are a big girl now. You know that money is what makes the world go
round. It is like the health care business these days. If you don't know
what I'm talking about just look in the phone book under "Home Health". In
a city like you live in I would bet there are hundreds. Just seemed to
spring up over night. I guess that is a sign of getting older, you start to
realize what is actually happening. Too soon we get old and too late smart.
	When I started on the pump I had to do all the R&D for myself and my
primary physician just wrote the letter of necessity and the prescription
for the pump and sent it to the company I was dealing with. They first
talked about putting me in the hospital for three days and educating me
that way. That didn't work out. They then started telling me I would have
to travel 65 miles and let the CDE hook me up on the pump with saline and
then come back in three days for the switch to insulin. That didn't happen.
The next thing I was told to be in Livingston about 3:30 PM when this nurse
would get off from her regular job and demonstrate how to use the pump. She
was great! No doubt about it. She had been on the pump herself for 16 years
at that time and knew first hand all about the pump. In a couple of hours
she had me pumping and when I left there that evening was the only
instruction I had. The situation they want to put these young children in
with pumping saline in a money making operation. Especially in a
metropolitan area where you are just minutes away from help I can see no
use of wasting time and money not to mention the high cost of the supplies.
It baffles me to try and reason why all this wasted effort. My CDE
calculated my basal rates from the amount of NPH I was taking before
starting and with all the BG's I was taking, just like you are now, there
was nothing to it. I was scared at that time but it was for no reason. 
	In my opinion, and I have a right to it, there is no good reason for this
period of using saline in the pump except to generate this week of extra
money flow.

Buddy '-)