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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

Hi all!!!

David - I know how your wife feels.  I personally had no problem with my
husband and the pump.  But, the problem I had was with me.  I wasn't sure I
wanted to be hooked up the rest of my life.  It reminded me too much of a
cancer patient.  But, I got over that so quickly.  I can not believe the
improvement this pump has made to my life.  I wouldn't give it up for the
world.  My husband forgets I even have it.  It does not interfere with our
life in any way.  I think that your wife will soon realize that this is now
part of you.  She will love it just as much as she loves you.

Renee - I live in Philadelphia.  Where exactly is your support group?  I
belong to a support group but, it has only met once since June.  I would love
to maybe get involved in another.  I am often in the Roxborough area.  Is
your group meeting out that way?  (Chestnut Hill, Lafayette Hill,
Conshohocken etc???)