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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

David wrote:
> My wife is having a very hard time seeing me with a pump connected to me.
> She is a nurse and understands how it is going to bennefit me, but still
> sees it as a constant reminder of my diabetes. Are these feelings common?

First, I have to say that I admire the fact that you and your wife have
discussed your feelings honestly....not always easy to do. When the
decision was made for me to start pumping I have to say that I was not
concerned much with how my husband would feel about it. At the time I was
totally frustrated with the MI and lack of control in the face of multiple
complications.....I could see no other alternative and probably didn't care
too much about how he felt.(became pretty selfish :-(  )
 I do know that he was getting worried that he was going to lose me soon,
so I suppose even if he had some reservations he felt too as though we had
little choice. We had also been married for 21 of my , at that time,  27yrs
of diabetes......he had been through it all with me and then some! He had
no idea what he was getting himself into when we got married....we were
young and I seemed pretty healthy and through the yrs he seldom had to deal
with my diabetes.
For your wife it may be alot harder since she is a nurse and has seen
first-hand what diabetes can and does do to someone. That might make her
prefer to try and forget that you have this disease. I think you can help
her and she can be a great support to you.....keep talking about both of
your feelings. Once she sees how much better your control is and
consequently your outlook on life, I believe she will become a
*pump-promoter*. My husband has!
 > Do
> they get better?

Defintely! It is a change and all change can be unsettling at first. When
all is said and done you will both wonder why you didn't do it sooner!
Best of luck to you and your wife!
type 1 29yrs
email @ redacted