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Re: [IP] Here I go (saline with loaner)

> Our nurse educator advised my son NOT to actually bolus the saline.  She said
> it would sting a bit, and didn't want to cause any unecessary pain.  Further,
> we were taught to never bolus more than 6 units at a time as a large bolus
> also can be painful.  (I don't know if this is just for children or not).  We
> were taught to divide a large bolus, not in half, but in two parts and take
> the large amount first and the smaller amount second (7 unit bolus -- 4
> units, deliver, 3 units, deliver).  This has worked quite well too.

Your nurse educator should try it herself.

I have seen Lily bolus 10-12 units for a big meal & dessert
She can sometimes 'feel it' like a pressure, but it does not hurt.
Sometimes she can not feel it at all
She bolused her saline during the week of training - no problem.

There was once an accident where she received an estimated 90 units
and her comment was that she thought she felt it. Don't worry, she was 
all right but it took all night to sort it out.