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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, David Matthews wrote:

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> What I did was put betadyne, micropore tape, infusion set, tape that comes
> with infusion set, polyskin II and then Hytape around the edges.
> I did not get any leaking from my shower today, but a lot of moisture from
> sweat when I ran. The irritation was not bad at all. I have a new concern
> about the soft set and discomfort. I will post in another note. Thanks for
> your suggestions, I will keep trying different things.

Am I missing something? This ^^^ seems like overkill.
I admit that I am not the user, but Lily does only a betadyne wipe 
followed by skin prep (she has used several brands) then
the sofset
followed by PolySkin II with a hole cut per my last post.

She bathes, swims (in the ocean as well as pools) and has never had a 
problem.  You do want the area to breath so it can dry when damp from 
sweat or water.

Anyone else have some comments on this??