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Re: [IP] Infusion set discomfort

buddybarber wrote:
> ----------
> > From: David Matthews <email @ redacted>
> > To: Insulin Pumping <email @ redacted>
> > Subject: [IP] Infusion set discomfort
> Sunday 7:00 AM
> David,
>         I have been pumping for almost a year now and also I weigh in at 195
> pounds so I have plenty of fatty tissue to insert the softset into. I have
> experienced the slightly uncomfortable feelings you have described and have
> come to this conclusion in my case. I have found that just like taking
> injections, there are some spots I could place a needle and never feel it
> and then I found those spots that would feel like I was splitting a nerve.
> You have to have found that if you ever took many injections. I never used
> the pen but I have used many thousands of 26 gauge 3/8 needles. In the
> short time I have been on the pump I have found that these spots that must
> be nerve intensive are slightly higher than my belly button and  vertically
> about an inch on either side of it. I have found that the area just above
> my beltline and approximately 75 degrees either side of my belly button has
> little feeling at all with the sets.
It's so nice to hear this from someone else.  My son 11.5 years old has
been adamant about NEVER inserting in these spots, dispite his endo's
initial disapproval.  She felt that insertion sites should always be 
diverse, even using those places known to my son to always be painful. 
We quickly learned to agree with the endo then go home and do what we
felt best.

 I don't use the softserter, I inject
> them the old fashion way (big grin) and have few of these uncomfortable
> places. I think you will soon learn what I am talking about after you get a
> few more changes completed. I think everyone being individuals will have
> these spots but in different places.
> Buddy '-)